The Advanced Style Of Beatrix Ost

Photography: Ari Seth Cohen, Styling; Valentina Ilardi Martin, Hair: Thomas McKiver, Make Up: Joanna Lily Wong        

I’m excited to finally share my full cover story for Grey Magazine featuring the always incredible Beatrix Ost. Check out the Grey Magazine Issue X in stores or online HERE.

  • Absolutely fantasic style!
    Izabella aka decomanka

  • Your pictures are stunning Ari! My fav is the first one, because while I like her style, I am most drawn to her stunning face!

  • Truly elegant!

  • I love all of these photographs which create great mood, not just about fashion, but about an era 'hors-temps'. Very creative. My only reservation is the leather biker jacket/goth look which I doesn't match the model's persona at all.

  • Incredible, brilliant photos, Ari. Congratulations! Also the styling, makeup etc are wonderful. Beatrix is a true artist in every sense of the word. Inspiring.

  • She takes my breath away every time.

  • Just fabulous!

  • This lady is very wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your amazing photos. Beatrix is a stunning original.