A Chance Meeting in Cape Town

I just arrived in Cape Town last night for today’s premiere of Advanced Style The Documentary in South Africa. The screening is part of a series of talks and shows organized by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. I decided to check out what was happening at the convention center before heading to bed when I noticed the most gorgeous woman waiting in line to attend deseiner,Marianne Fassler’s, show. I quickly ran up to the line, as it was moving into the auditorium, and told this stunning lady and her friend that I would love to take their photos after the show. To my surprise they knew exactly who I was and have been reading Advanced Style for  the last couple of years. They snuck out of line and we took a few quick photographs before heading back into the show. After the gorgeous presentation we met up again and  they told me that they had no idea that I was in town or that my film would be playing in Cape Town. Sometimes I think that I must have some kind of Advanced Style radar guiding me to amazing older people around the world! I can’t wait to see my new friends at their home in Paarl next week.

In other exciting news, Advanced Style The Documentary will be playing in US theaters starting September 26th!!! Check HERE for film updates and screenings.

  • Oh LA LA !!! Style, class and va-va-voom permeates from every pore of this gorgeous woman.

  • Anonymous

    Great work on the documentary! I sat in on the discussion at Cape Town Fashion Week and I must say, your blog and documentary has completely changed my perspective on aging and fashion. I took away so many great lessons from it, and for that, I cant thank you enough. 🙂 We need more women like these in the world, they're absolutely magical ^_^

  • Oh, lovely woman, and great post:)

  • She's elegant and beautifully dressed. She wears that shade of yellow well. You attract the best Ari.

  • Beautiful women are at a mature age and are not necessarily be sad, I am very impressed 🙂 I greet Marzena

  • she looks amazing! i love yellow so much 🙂


  • Another shining example of ageless style!! The yellow coat and furry muff are an unexpected combination that totally works…chic and cheerful!!


  • oohh lala.. nice style .. too classy.. loved it .. it reminded my aunty.



  • Ari, your style radar is very well tuned, Cape Town takes kindly to your ability, and what a fantastic show on Friday, looking forward to your next post already ( and getting on so I could be featured on your blog:):)
    Nicolene Richards
    AKA Fiftyfabulous

  • Wow, that's really amusing to see. I appreciate this great idea.

  • Nice and beautiful..

  • I just found your blog and I love it! Any chance you will be showing your documentary in Stockholm?