Cape Town Cool

  • Maureen in Cheshire England

    I love that look. Red lippy just tops it off. The hair has such attitude

  • very cool indeed.

  • Love!

  • Lots of cool people in Cape Town. This pic is awesome!

  • J'adore votre blog !!!

  • Her shoes are a beautiful classic look that will never die down. And her choice of lipstick is a bold yet beautiful expression of her timeless sense of style. Take a look at my scarf tying ideas and tutorial and send me your opinions. I'm sure that you might even find something you like. Forever a Fan… xoxo

  • I could see this being me in a few years. Love the hair, the glasses, the leather pants, shoes, and especially the bright lipstick!!

  • LOVE!

  • Hear you are headed to Australia: what about New Zealand? We'd love to have you here.
    Nadia from Auckland