Flower Power

This is the fourth time that I have run into this gorgeous woman on Madison Avenue. She always looks incredible in her floral has and incredible accessories. She is truly an inspiration.

  • I love the bold colour and funky prints, perfect for the season and very fashionable. I love your blog, really interesting and original concept


  • Wow! I love how although the prints are very loud and bright,the colours within them are incorporated into the rest of her outfit, making the ensemble look stylish, not silly. That hat is fun too 😛 :).


  • Orange and pink! Oh my gosh she makes it work!

  • She is amazing. Love all those colors and her floral hats. The beads and the boots . . . all of it.

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    thank you . . .

  • Just wonderful. These candid/person on the street shots are what made me fall in love with AS. I'm delighted that you are bringing them back.

  • I have noticed that as you age colors can be your best friend. As our skin loses colors we need to compliment who we are with bright colors. I love that about clothes. Gin http://fashion4therealpeople.blogspot.com

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  • She is amazing woman. We think that she an old but she can do anything even she is old. Hoping my mother would be like her. She is a great lady.