Here are a few more photos from a wonderful visit with Marisela Federici at her home in Rome.

  • Wow, gorgeous!

  • What an exquisitely groomed woman!

  • She is beautiful!

  • How fabulous!

  • Thank you for your inspiration. This woman is stunning! You give women something to which we can either aspire or look forward. We mustn't hide our light under a bushel! – Ainsley at
    ps – I am really looking forward to your documentary showing In California in September!

  • Marisela appears so slender but so strong, and what beautiful hands she has. They are magnificent; I would love to draw and sculpt them. She looks as though she could shape the world with them.

  • CarolL

    Sorry to use the "G" word again, but I can't help it: She is just gorgeous!

  • What a fabulous lady. She oozes both style and class.

  • Kathy

    Amazing photographs.
    It would be so interesting to do a series of photos of different couples sitting on their sofas, benches or cardboard boxes in the same classic pose. This couple communicates their mutual adoration for one another.

  • She is top of the list.