“More is More and Less is a Bore”

Jean Betancourt, Lynn Dell Cohen, Sue Kreiztman, and Debra Rapoport

New York was treated to an explosion of color and creativity with the gathering of some of the city’s most gorgeous ladies at Senior Planet this week. This fabulous group of women reminds of Iris Apfel’s famous quote, “More is More and Less is a Bore.”

  • These women are fabulous!

  • Absolutely love it! Great photos 🙂


  • They all look brilliant & I love that quote!

  • wouuu, all those fabulously inspiring ladies wearing their awesome accessories and bijouterie, that's going to cheer up my day!!
    besos & gracias

  • Tee

    what a delicious cacophony of color! the only drawback i see (and for me personally) is I'd be wretched hot in all those adornments. They look great. I always love seeing Iris' enormous jewelry, but wondered, gee, doesn't her neck hurt! Beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I know these women want to express themselves but they look like clowns,look how pretty they would be if they would just dress I guess you could say more exceptable.sorry but sometimes the women on here look terrible. Just saying I know im going to get backlash.

  • The color and beauty made my day!

  • Anonymous

    Uau! Amazing women!!!

  • fabulous women !!
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  • Inspirational!

  • These gorgeous ladies do add color to the city.

  • Libby

    Absolutely brilliant. Love them all!

  • Anonymous

    Their radiance and celebration brings a smile to my face! ; )

  • Wow Beautiful Pic. You are looking Awesome

  • You are look like angel. Awesome.

  • I love that shot of all of their hands! Such a creative and inspiring group of women.

  • Elles sont comme leurs bijoux : des œuvres d'art !
    (they are as their jewels : works of art !)

  • What a fab quote. And it's true too.

  • Tee

    I wish i could respond directly to "anonymous" (they should be more acceptable)… but should you come back to see the backlash you expect to receive: You are entitled to your opinion, but I certainly would respect it more if you had the courage to post your name. like brene brown says. These ladies are Daring Greatly! and we all know you can't please everyone… who would want to even try! THAT's something you know once you've gotten to an "Advanced Age"

  • That this quartet of artistic, accomplished women chooses to express their joie de vivre in the way they dress is a celebration — and a visual treat for the rest of us. While they don't advocate that everyone dress as they do, they do encourage women "to dress" as themselves, to look their best, whatever their style. We say: "3 cheers"!
    Jean & Valerie

    I never wear jewelry but I did to church today for the first time, not alot but some….I WAS INSPIRED!!!
    I enjoy this Advanced Style Blog… so many interesting people here!!!

  • I think my accessories are a bore–I obviously need more. 🙂

  • Love the way these women have embraced life, color, joy! My new role models.