Sarah, Sydney

I just got back to New York and already miss all the wonderful people I met on my travels. Right before heading to the airport in Sydney, I stopped by to meet the gorgeous owner of Saramai Jewels. Sarah’s daughter had tagged me on a photo of her on instagram and I knew that I just had to photograph her.

  • What a fabulous lady

  • Janis

    Criminy, she's GORGEOUS. Beautiful face, showstopping hair!

  • I found this book recently at a bookshop near the storage office, and I find that the photos were tastefully shot and choreographed. It would have been nice to have some of the photos shot on location at a storage space, bare and just the essentials. I can imagine some feisty lady posing in front of storage modules and pods, looking satisfied with her day’s work. Just a wishful thinking.

  • I think beautiful photos are not that easy to capture. You need a good model, a good photographer, and stunning locations. I have always loved Sydney's building architecture like those of historical landmarks and their infamous self storage facilities. It would definitely be unique to take photos there. If you are mobile, all the more it becomes easier to explore.