Ray-Bans and Loafers

I thought this woman looked incredibly cool in her Ray-Bans and loafers.
  • I love her cute dress.

  • She also has incredibly long beautiful fingers. Love her style.

  • Perfect lady!

  • I am so inspired by your site. What wonderfully beautiful ladies proving that style has no age.


  • Thank you for your lovely blog. I feel so inspired after seeing these lovely ladies. They prove that style truly has no age.

    Bravo, bravo!

  • Ari, will you be interested to collaborate with SBS TV station of South Korea on a documentary production about beauty beyond ages? We will fly to NYC to film you and the fashionable ladies on your blog! Please check your facebook other inbox, your kickstarter message, and the advancedstyleinfo email account. Let us know what you think. Best, Kayla

  • Yes you are right the women lookes incredibly in her Ray-Bans & loafers. The ultimate look.

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  • wao an amazing women

  • Totally classy and classic! What a great look!