More is Better in Dallas

I love  how these two ladies accessorized their outfits for the Advanced Style screening in Dallas. I’m proud to announce that our film is now playing in over 32 theaters throughout the US.

For screening times in the US check out:
For international screenings:          
If it’s not in a theater near you, the movie is now available on iTunes HERE.

  • Us girls in Texas always believe "more is better." No doubt !!

  • Wow, talk about statement jewellery! Great neckpiece on the woman on the left.

  • Love these outfits! Lots of beautiful black…

  • Hi Ari, I would just like to say that your blog is amazing and thought I'd say thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I have been waiting for Advanced Style documentary to be on itunes and atlast i have finally watched it. It was amazing and very inspiring. It was quite unfortunate to not have met my grandmother but to be at a nursing home working with the elderly you learn from them and see how different it was back then to what it is today. The style the grace. You don't have to wear short shorts to get notice, it's how you carry yourself, and just how you know the you. Again thank you very much!

  • The tres stylish Marion Exall with revered jewelry designer Rebecca Collins (wearing a mix of cross cultural adornments). Both women have plenty of fun with fashion!

  • Awesome photos on this blog, stylish and cool, a very good read!

  • Oh, wish I'd known about this. I live near Dallas, now.

  • Joe

    This is a great read. Really appreciate the amount of images on the blog as well!
    Looking forward to reading the next one!