In Honor of Bluma

I rarely share anything this personal, but going through photos and thinking about how and why I started to photograph stylish and creative older women, I have to honor my incredible grandmother Bluma. Bluma was my best friend and most wonderful teacher. I know that this project is a gift from her.

Here I am  a few years before my grandmother passed away, speaking about the influence she had on me on her 93rd birthday(two years before I moved to New York). My dad sent me this video when I first started the blog, but I have been too afraid to look at it until today. Grandma Bluma I love you forever. Thank you for this incredible gift.

  • Jon

    RIP Bluma. "Advanced Style" is a good legacy to have inspired. Jx

  • So sweet. Thanks for sharing, Ari. : )

  • Something personal from the heart Ari, every so often, reveals more about the generous soul you are, which the photos of others (beautiful and inspiring as they are)can't. Thank you for being brave.

  • Hi Ari. Your Grandmother must have been a beautiful and loving person as you are too. This post reminds me of Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, who just lost his Grandmother Edith Flagg. He is so heartbroken and said that it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. Enjoyed the video, take care and be happy that you shared so much with your Grandma.:)

  • Anonymous

    "My best friend beautifully sums up a lifetime of love. What a gift it is to have lived so closely to and 'fit' so well with one's grandmother.

  • Brings my Oma (grandmother in German) right back to me…an elegant lady who let me paint her fingernails with Revlon's "Windsor Rose," one of my earliest and fondest memories. Thanks for reminding me, Ari.

  • Ari, I so enjoyed this video … it was a real treat. I am 68 and read/love your blog daily. Thank you, Liz

  • What a great person to have in your life! Since we're sharing, I'll share that I'm turning 60 next month and I visit your site everyday hoping some "advanced style" will rub off on me. I just love seeing all the beautiful, creative, confident ladies and gents who've been around the block a few times and have only got better!
    Thanks Ari, and thanks Bluma!!

  • Anonymous

    Lovely video, filled with so much love. Glad you shared his with each other!

  • Lovely tribute to obviously a wonderful soul. Thanks for letting us have a peek at her. I see her in you!

  • Tee

    This "work" you do touches so many people, including myself, in a profoundly positive way. I'm only 53, but see how our culture too often ignores women past a certain age. Your photographs delight me and like yourself, I had older women in my family who I IDOLIZED and loved – every crease, wrinkle and line are etched in my memory lovingly and I thank you for celebrating eternal beauty. Your Bluma would be PROUD!

  • Maureen

    So sweet all the memories, as a grandmother I thank you for posting the love letter !

  • Tears and blessing Ari. Thank you for sharing your love.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Ari! Thank you so much for your work. You made me looking foreward getting older.Now I am 45 years old and I live in a small town in West Germany and love to dress up sometimes. It became more important for me the last years. Now my hair is starting getting grey and it is not always easy for me to accept. You give me inspiration and the feeling of belonging to a worldwide community that is amazing, strong and powerful. God bless you!

  • Anne sent me… and I'm so glad she did. I've spent only a few minutes here this evening and I'm hooked.This is inspired and inspriiring!

  • I know exactly what you mean Ari. My American/Swedish grandmother Olga was just as loving and inspiring as your grandmother Bluma. That is a wonderful gift indeed.
    You have shown pictures go my grandmother Olga in the past, she was very stylish, fun, brave, kind and an inspiration.

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  • Beautiful…. 🙂
    You are so blessed with these precious memories of your Grandmother Bluma.
    I can relate completely. Although my Grandmas were vastly different, I miss them both very much, and the memories (and lessons)…priceless.
    – Irina