Is Leopard Print The New Black?

Come Autumn and there is always a lot of leopard print on the streets of New York. Lynn Dell Cohen, The Countess of Glamour, wears animal print, hear and there, all year long. She commented on the classic print,”Leopard isn’t the new black, it’s not the new anything. Leopard is Leopard and it will always be in style no matter what.” Well there we have it!!!

  • rawr! she rocks it.

  • Anonymous

    she looks wonderful. especially love the amber ring. that is gorgeous!


  • She's right!

  • I am in total agreement with Lynn. Stunning photo!

  • I LOVE her sassy comment about leopard! Her generation is just plain ol' smart!

  • She looks like women hide inside a leopard.. Nice costume.. 🙂
    Jaslynn, Bizbilla

  • I like this leopard print dress. It looks awesome and unique in design.

    Boho clothing

  • Anonymous

    There is not much leopard on the streets in my hometown in germany. So i bought a curvy wrapped leopard dress. I love it and I will celebrate it!

  • Theresa

    She looks Fabulous!!!

  • Leanne

    Love, love, love the documentary! So inspiring!

  • Very Elegant and your Blog is amazing. 😉

    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot