Statement Earrings

I love how Colleen always pairs simple, elegant dresses with dramatic statement earrings. Check out some of her other looks HERE.

  • Love this look! Especially the arms. Not really gloves, but they do the trick. Gorgeous.

  • She is one of my favorites of the Advanced Style ladies. She has a mysterious, exotic look that I love. I always feel like she must have a lot of interesting stories to tell about her life.
    I would love to see Ari's next book be a book with new photos of the Advanced Style ladies AND some text about their fascinating lives along with their advice about style. Pictures only tell us half the story!

  • Colleen is a gorgeous woman and I love her style, her arm 'warmers' and her wonderful earrings. A true beauty

  • Oh my. very dramatic indeed.

  • beautiful 🙂

  • SHE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE…….then again I met her in her shop and she is as warm as she is GORGEOUS…….and OH, so humble……..Can't BELIEVE she didNOT open the book!!!!

  • Une photo MAGNIFIQUE !