Why Wear One Hat When You Can Wear Two?!!!

Magda looks always looks absolutely elegant in one of her many vintage dresses. My favorite part of this look is the way that she has layered a sequin headband over a leopard print hat to make a wonderful new accessory.

  • She looks so glamorous.

  • Love that vintage dress! Her ginger locks really add a more exciting dimension to the outfit, and the double hats are so fun :).


  • Wow. That's a gorgeous dress. It would be great if you have paired it with a designer handbag. But still you look fabulous. Great job. 🙂

  • Two hats = double the fun!

  • Anonymous

    Advanced style, for well advanced in age…yet very sophisticated! Need to have you as my new inspiration. I will be shopping later at Satch here in Australia, and I will definitely have your styles in mind. Will b shopping fine outfits since Satch is on sale at as much as 60% off.