Market Style

I loved discovering the Noordermarkt upon my last visit to Amsterdam. The market was filled with incredible food, great vintage clothing, wonderful people to photograph. This woman had a huge crowd waiting for her homemade jam, but she took a quick second to allow me to take her picture. You can tell that she takes pride in what she does and I love how elegantly she looks for a cold morning’s full of work. All of the market vendors had unique looks perfectly complimenting their wares. I highly recommend a trip to the Noordermarkt when in Amsterdam and make sure to buy some of this woman’s delicious jam.

  • How about the incredible modern shape and look of those glasses? Fabulous.
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  • Libby

    She is so full of life. Makes me want to get rid of my laziness and wake up early in the morning and cook!Love her black and white dress.

  • Noordermarkt is one of my favorite stops in Amsterdam. She is a gem.