Baroness Sherry von Korber-Bernstein

It’s always a pleasure to run into Baroness Sherry. She let me know that she is about to turn 94!!!
  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Lady

  • Wow!! She looks gorgeous!

    Kind regards,
    Hauptsache warme Füße!

  • I love her hat……..


  • Anonymous

    I hope I look that good at 94! Baroness Sherry must have great genes!!

  • What a stunning, vibrant woman!

  • LCI

    Ari, love your blog and I check it quite often,it is inspiring for a woman of a 'certain age like myself'.

    I notice the way you introduced her and this is the reason I am posting my first comment ever on a blog.

    I would have preferred:
    Baroness Sherry von Korber-Bernstein
    Baroness von Korber-Bernstein
    Sherry, pure and simple
    But please, not Baroness Sherry

    My kind regards
    Lucretia I

  • Anonymous

    Bon Vivant!

  • Feathers have almost disappeared from hats ,what a pity.

  • Charlene Tarsney

    Katie Kelly lives here in Omaha. I came across a note from Baroness Sherry von Korber-Bernstein. It was a condolence for Katie when her mother died. I would like her to know Katie is now 81 years young. She has a diagnosis of Dementia and is residing in a home. Katie wrote for the NYT and was on local TV stations as an entertainment critique. Katie has retained a lot of her unique humor. (