Diana Gabriel

I met artist and jewelry designer, Diana Gabriel, at Lynn Dell’s Off Broadway Boutique several years ago. I’ve been admiring her sculptural jewelry for a long time and was thrilled to finally run into her again on the Upper West Side last week.

When people try to sell me a necklace or something I always say I don’t wear OPG(other people’s jewels). I was lucky to have such an incredible mother. She made everything I wore, every pajama, every coat, until I got my first job. I studied Psychology and studio art and at Hunter college and have been painting and sculpting my whole life. One day I started to work with beads and then transitioned into silver work. I think of my jewelry as sculpture. I don’t think you are really dressed until you put the whole ensemble on. The right shoes, the right necklace. I don’t like little dabs of jewelry. I like simples clothes with bold jewels.- DG

Check out more of Diana Gabriel’s work HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love your jewelry, very bold, unapologetic, and the color is fabulous, and that coat is wonderful. Your whole look says you're not a which way the wind is blowing conformist. And btw, you look terrific. Love the glasses by the way. Great shape for your face.

    The fact your life is all about art and being creative is great. And lastly, give the sensational Lynn Dell a hug for me. I adore 1st class act, from the inside out. She's just incredible. We should save her DNA!

  • Great !!!

    see -> Galata Woods

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari,

    I absolutely love all your ladies.

    But, I have a request: Can you look for more of the traditional old style Grande Dames? Similar to the wonderful lady in black, with large hat, you have on your landing page.

    For example, at the Met there is an Opera Club (in existence for nearly a century, I believe). They go to the Opera (check out Monday nights, and other non-week-ends) in long gowns, and real jewels, with partners in tuxedos.

    Many of your ladies appear to be bold artists types, and kudos to them.

    But, the traditionalist cannot be flamboyant in that way. Please have some more of them.

    Thank you for your great work.

  • Anonymous

    I love Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and the Gabor sisters, but I come here for variety and to celebrate the lives of Ari's circle of inspiration.

    I can dress up for Disney Music Hall, and I can wear leggings and look hip. I think diversity is the delicious flavor of life.

  • Perfect outfit! I really love your coat and the color is fabulous.

  • Ich weiss dass mein Kommentar nicht wichtig ist…und trotzdem. Was unterscheidet diese prächtigen Damen vom Mainstream? Eben weil sie kein Mainstream sind. Sie beweisen Stil, weil sie sich kleiden, wie sie wollen, wie sie in Stimmung sind. Sie orientieren sich, vielleicht teilweise, an der aktuellen Mode, durch Assecoires, ich bin 60 und würde mich niemals wie ein junger Mensch kleiden wollen. Alle Models finde ich total chic und entsprechen meinem Empfinden. Vorbilder für mich und danke…Cosmee

  • Leading with jewellery — A style that I adore!!

  • Bold indeed! Loving this POP of red.

    Liz Lizo

  • Leading with jewellery — A style that I adore!!

  • A fashion that I love!! Leading with jewellery

  • Leading with jewellery — A style that I adore!!

  • Leading with jewellery — A style that I adore!!