Life Is a Party

I met Aida Bon on my last trip to Amsterdam and before I could even post her photos she sent me this lovely message below:

Well my age is a story……………
Thanks to Advanced Style I stopped worrying that I am closer to eternity than 50. I had given up thinking life was special, but it really is. With all the trouble going on in the world, it is better to do as if life is a party and hang up your own festoons every day. Advanced Style makes “us” oldies smile. Aida

  • equatorial eclectic

    She is fantastic! style has no age boundaries♥

  • love this!!!

  • Beautiful lady with an inspiring philosophy!

  • Accidental icon

    Congrats Ari, that outcome may even be better than a good photo And congrats to you Aida for your new perspective.

    Accidental Icon

  • Margo

    With all the trouble in the world, I want festoons everyday!

  • Looks so cool! I really love your blog!!

  • She is beautiful. Knock out beautiful.

  • Aida Bon

    Whow Ari, thank you very much for posting my photo's. You forgot to mention my age, 76. SHHHHHH don't tell anyone. Love Aida

  • She's fabulous! A true inspiration.

  • Guiseppe would say : There's she is : my Diva Aida….

  • Aida Bon

    Festoons are hanging all over my house. Thanks to you lovely comments and ofcourse thanks to "our" Ari.
    love you all. Aida

  • What a gorgeous woman! Goes to show you don't stop careing about your self (your appearance) because you are a seasoned woman or man ?!!! Life at any age can be wonderful… Thanks Aida you look marvelous.