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Photo: Juergen Teller
Photo: Ari Seth Cohen for And Other Stories
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Photo: Hedi Slimane

Is the fashion industry finally embracing the older woman? Images of 80-year-old Joan Didion as the new face of Céline and Joni Mitchell, 71, modeling for Saint Laurent have been the talk of the town this week. It’s incredible to see so many older faces taking over the world of fashion advertising. This shift in the portrayal of aging in popular media hopefully signifies a broader change in societal attitudes towards, and treatment of, the elderly. Bravo!

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    They are waking up to the facts that we are an aging population, women generally out live men and that we have enormous spending power. They BETTER cater to us if they know what is good for their bottom line.

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    Interesting that these older lady icons haven't had "upgrades" by the Plastic Surgeons. I almost forgot what celebs should look like, seeing Joni Mitchell.

    I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica to meet with a Brazilian PS. I don't think I can age without some dignity. Hats Off to more confident ladies. (I have to work into my decrepit years. It's a youth oriented culture.)

  • Advanced Style has been a real pioneer in the last couple of years and finally we are seeing a progressive social change in which aging is no longer viewed as the enemy by of course many women are still turning to skincare products in order to slow the process

  • When I first found your blog, the women you photographed were a revelation to me, showing me that there was an alternative to what I had seen growing up, and that has given me more freedom and confidence to be myself, and embrace the age that I am. Thank you Ari, Debra, and all the Advanced Style women

  • Ari, I quite simply don't wish to face a day upon earth without a peek at your blog ( except of course weekends). I adore you. Somehow, someday, I wish to lure you away from New York (once home to me and my grandmother). I have a vision of you doing a fundraiser here in St Louis, MO. Where, I might add, we also possess a bit of style. Debra_you are gorgeous and to both of you; I SO enjoyed this video. Thank you.

  • Hallo,
    ich erfreue mich immer an diesen tollen Ladies.
    Lieben Gruß

  • What a week for Advanced Stylistas everywhere!

  • Hopefully this is a lasting shift. At least it's starting a talking point.

  • Ageing with a grace is an art. Accepting what you are is your style statement,,