Winter Gold Accents

  • Boo…hiss…

    I would challenge this beautiful woman to make a brilliant, creative wardrobe choice…one that will inspire us all! People can be much more creative than wearing the hides of tortured animals. She looks like a very smart woman and I would be much more interested in seeing her more creative choices of outerwear!

    Fur. Shows such a lack of creativity.

    These defenseless critters need our creativity. We can do better for the world's creatures. Wearing the fur of an animal that was born into captivity, and only lived long enough to breed and give his/her hide. Travesty.

    Take a stand Ari. I know it won't make you popular with many of your constituents. But, these others will adore you even more. Don't shoot fur.

    Thanks! Love you,

  • Really loved the documentary movie. This project is amazing, I am very impressed. Cheers from Berlin.

    ♥ Eve / PONY IN FURS

  • Fabulous!

    Liz Lizo