After Edith

I thought woman looked like a modern day Edith Head with her gorgeous round glasses and chic short bob.
  • Anonymous

    This lady is chic and confident, and I so agree, that bob and her glasses are her signature style points. Plus, her scarf and outfit are so well done. (Not everyone can pull off a scarf look.)
    KUDOS to her. She's a good example. Down with frumpy!

  • And that skirt! Completely fabulous.

  • Stunning lady. I love the slick and shiny skirt and matching scarf.

  • Tee

    awesome style. and do i see a lichtenstein scarf swathed about her neck??!!! love it!!!!

  • Pretty blog!Amazing she looks and So chic!

  • Basia

    I just got those same sunnies at Target!! Style is neither a matter of age nor money.

  • That is a kickass skirt! A great combination of funky and chic.

  • She is TOO fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    Nice balance. Perfection!

  • Sarah

    can anyone tell me where can I get a skirt like that? The whole look is so gorgeous!