Heading To Japan

I’ve been in San Diego for a few days and of course I had to meet up with the always stunning Dolores Forsythe. Dolores has been traveling the globe in search of fantastic pieces of jewelry for her store in Coronado, California.

I’m about to head to Tokyo tomorrow for an exhibition of my work at Seibu Shibuya. I can’t wait to hit the streets in search of Japanese Advanced Style. If you happen to be in Tokyo on February 17th, stop by the store and say hi Joyce Carpati and me. More information on the show HERE.

  • Great blog! She looks stunning and amazing in this outfit.

  • Ari, that is soooo cool you are going to Japan!! I would love to go there and I'm sure you will see some amazing senior style.

  • Hi there! Next time you are in San Diego, I'd love to chat with you, and perhaps introduce you to a few of my clients who are very fabulous, and worthy of a photograph 🙂
    – Vanessa (Personal Stylist)

  • such a beautiful woman and i love the clothes

  • What a gorgeous woman with a beautiful outfit! 🙂
    הצלחה ביפן

  • Anonymous

    Great shirt! What is the source of that great pink piece she is wearing?

  • Anonymous

    Joy bursts from her style!