Near Ginza

I have been in Japan for about a week and have already found so many wonderful people to photograph. There is so much beauty and elegance everywhere I look.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful, serene expression. I love the fur collar and kimono combination!

  • wow this japan costume really amazing , i love japan culture , i hope someday i'll go holiday to japan. Have fun

  • Anonymous

    You know Ari – yours is the only blog I follow every day. I take a quick look in the morning or during the work day when I just need to be reminded of elegance and passion for life. I am a person who is aging rapidly due to illness, and I take inspiration from your dedication to your particular vision and the people who become part of it.

    • Anonymous

      May health, beauty, and style be with you always, sister!

  • Great shot of color and style. Would put anybody in a good mood. Thanks.