Old Is The New Black

T-shirt inspired by this brilliant quote by  Linda Rodin
T-shirts are available in both Old Is The New Black and Old Is The New Gold Styles

Aging never goes out of style, but the fashion world is definitely having a senior moment. This season’s It Girls are all over the age of 60! We are thrilled to see so may brilliant, powerful, and gorgeous older women in campaigns and on the runway. To celebrate, designer Fanny Karst and I collaborated on a limited edition “Old Is The New Black” T-shirt.
T-shirts will be available for a limited time HERE. Get them while they’re hot.
A special Thank You to Debra Rapoport for modeling on one of the coldest days of the year!
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  • I just read this great Dorothy Sayers quote and thought your community might enjoy it: "Time and trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an advanced old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force,” I love the inspiration that comes through your work here. Thank you!

  • Loved the wordings "old is the new black" Keep the good work going.
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