Shizuka Komuro

I met Shizuka Komuro at my photo exhibition in Tokyo today, and I couldn’t wait to run outside to take care photo. Shizuka designed the dress and jewelry she is wearing! Check out more of her work HERE.

  • omg yes, was starting to think you had all but forgotten aging WOC

  • I love this look, Ms Komuro! Thank you for your beauty and the beauty of your colors and designs. Your website is very nice as well!

  • I knew you would meet some cool women in Japan. She has a great look!

  • Great style!

    And, we can clearly see her marvelous inner energy radiating from her eyes (no sunglasses — hooray!).

  • She looks so full of fun and energy. I love her necklace. I'd buy that in a minute!

  • Very nice .. Love fashion incorporated with stylish culture!