How To Get To 93

I was walking around the Upper West Side yesterday when I came across this stunning woman. When I asked if I could take her photograph, she replied that it was her 93rd birthday. She gave me some advice on how to get to 93: “A little bit of exercise and a lot of luck”.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this lady found the fountain of youth, in both looks and attitude. I love the fact she didn't give up on presenting herself polished. Happy Birthday and many more!

    (My Grandma lived to 104.)

  • Thank you for shining your light on the beauty and celebration of aging. Our culture benefits from your eye.

  • I want to be like her when I grow up! (I'm 62).

  • Off to exercise I go!!!!!!!

  • Trop belle, bon anniversaire à cette femme remarquable.
    et merci à vous pour vos remarquables photos, un plaisir quotidien.

  • She looks better than some 60 year old women……good for her!

  • Awesome

  • What a woman1 Wonderful smile and attitude! <3

  • Aida Bon

    Amazing. Cover model for Vogue

  • death is contemporary, style is forever

  • she looks so lovely, and has the right ideas about how to live

  • Gives me hope for my future…
    I just started doing Zumba so with exercise and a little bit of luck there is hope. 🙂

  • Amazing blog! I have seen many more fashion about old people here! and they look just fab!