Sue Kreitzman

“Here is the truth: I am not really an old lady, just cleverly disguised as one.” 
  • Age is an attitude not a number. I love your coat…dressing with flair can change our attitude. We feel good about ourselves. As a result we walk a little taller, smile a bit more and relax and enjoy the day.

  • ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!I shall refer to HER as the RAINBOW DAME!GORGEOUS……….love the color!

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna start saying that too! You go girl.

  • Fantastica! Amo il suo stile gioioso!

  • Anonymous


  • Sue is one of those people whose photos fill me with joy. She has a wonderful smile, a lovely creative spirit, and an enviable attitude towards aging. I'd love to meet her one day if we are ever in New York at the same time.

  • An awesome inspiration and what many of us are feeling these days! We are not old, we are awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Such a true statement. My mother was old before her 40th birthday. She wore dull clothes, read dull books and follwed the exact same daily, weekly and seasonal routines.
    She is in her mid-90s now. How sad to have been old and dull in both attitude and the way she has presented herself to the world for well over half her life.

    We should aim to regain the power of being an elder – respected, revered and a role model for the young – instead of seeing ourselves as just old, dull and with nothing to offer the world.

  • Anonymous

    Love it. Very pretty coat, pretty colour.

  • Anonymous

    I just love her. Never forget her saying: "Don't wear beige!" I won't!