The White Streak

If you are thinking of going grey, but are hesitant to make the change, why not first try a gorgeous white streak?! 
  • How fabulous! As the owner of a white streak I love this post.

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  • Els

    My mother had a white streak in her dark hair, a streak she enhanced with some silver "paint" that was made for that purpose. Curiously, I have a dark streak in my light hair No matter what I try, I cannot lighten that dark streak. It's as though my mother and I are mirror images of one another.

  • Fabulous design and pretty much attire.

  • Strikingly stunning! White streaks rocks!

  • Anonymous

    People stop me on the street and tell me to never dye my hair. It's long and has many crazy streaks in it. Some are white and some are auburn and some are black. Its looks like strands of thick multi-coloured rope. While I still find it shocking that my hair is no longer 'dark; it is rather beautiful.

  • Nothing was as liberating than going grey. It gives one so much licence in other style areas.

  • it seemes that the "OLDIES" are the "IT" thing right now, u agree?