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The Advanced Style Limited Edition Canto $699/per ear is available in four styles
My grandmother Bluma was my best friend. When I was a kid, we would watch old movies together, make collages and dress up in costumes from her closet. She always encouraged me to be creative. Bluma would let me have a say in her wardrobe choices — we usually went for the most colorful option. As she got older and needed certain devices and aids for daily living, she would often bemoan the lack of beautiful options. She never felt ashamed of wearing a hearing aid or carrying a cane; she simply wished that they were a little bit more stylish and fun. So when Audicus, a company specializing in affordable and stylish hearing aids approached me about doing a  collaboration, I was immediately intrigued. After meeting with the company’s president over coffee and learning about his passion for changing the stigma around hearing devices, I knew that this project was right up my alley.
I have often wondered why items like hearing aids, canes and walkers carry such negative connotations in popular culture. There is less fear attached to wearing glasses, but for some reason any other item typically associated with growing older becomes frightening. One of my goals with this project is to help change the image of aging and to celebrate the vibrancy and vitality of growing old. What better way to celebrate than with items that enhance our quality of life and ability to engage with the world around us?
I am thrilled to present The Advanced Style Limited Edition Canto hearing aid. Each one comes with the option of four colorful, removable adhesive patterns that are perfectly in step with the Audicus motto, Live Loudly. I helped design the adhesives with my grandma in mind, so I hope you like them!
The Advanced Style Limited Edition Canto hearing aid is available for a limited time HERE
  • The video was simply beautiful….I want to look like her when I reach that age…beautiful and slightly audacious!

  • Bless you, Ari! You are making such a difference in our world of design for "women of a certain age." I've often lamented the lack of style in devices that are needed as you age. Those items don't have to be clinical and hospital looking. I find them depressing. Give me color!

  • it's always inspiring when people customize their hearing aids or wheel chairs and make them accessories which add value to their outfits, rather than simply a tool with necessary function

  • Rebecca

    Joyce is so elegant and gorgeous. I love when you feature her on this blog.

  • Of all the ladies you feature I think Joyce is the most elegant. I don't require a hearing aid yet…however I believe I will one in the near future…at least that's what my husband tells me 🙂
    She wears hers with grace and elegance.

  • This is awesome Ari! Bravo for This collaboration of chic and stylish hearing aids that enhance, rather than detract from our personal style!

  • These are so rad! I never even thought about fashionable hearing aids, thank goodness Audicus did! The designs are fashionable, I like the removable patterns.