Black and White

Lana Turner looks like a dream every day of the week.
  • she's so chic, love her hat!

  • Fantastic – I LOVE this!

  • She's mazin.

  • Totally a woman who can hold her own! Such style! Bravo!

  • THATS The singer?How do you know all these FAMOUS and WELL DRESSED People?!!I suppose because your FAMOUS TOO!!!!!!!!!!
    This is SMASHING……..from head to TOE.

  • Anonymous

    B+W stripes are THE BEST!

    About a year ago I gave up resisting my pervasive love of black and white together. My mother had taught me, "everything in moderation", and it took me years to become immoderate.

    May I grow to be use B+W as smashingly as Miss Turner!

  • Anonymous

    What an eye for style. This lady should be dressing Hollywood. Joan Rivers would have loved this gal's taste.

    I too, got away from B&W, but when I do wear it, I add a yellow or pink accent piece.