Helen and Debra

Can anyone guess what Debra’s hat is made of?
  • A pair of jeans?

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!! wish that we all would be aa little bit more than you ……….Greatings from Vienna to you!!


  • Looks like the Mad Hatters Tea Party

  • Anonymous

    Isnt she the one that makes hats out of paper towels. So my guess is dyed Viva!

  • Anonymous

    A Pair of woolly tights? In any case it's very beautiful.

  • Paper towels!

  • A PAIR OF PANTS!!!!!!!!!

  • A pair of PANTS……….says this ANTIQUE GODDESS better known as LA CONTESSA.I say that only because in your IN roll I feel I read that someone had made a hat out of a skirt……….??

  • Totally love Helen's colourful outfit including accessories and shoes!


  • I can't see but both ladies are lovely!

  • Awesome. Her hat is made of awesome.

  • Anonymous

    In the first place: i am a great fan of the site and a huge admiror of all the women that make the content ! Lovely ladies, all of them and an example for us all.
    But i have to make a critical remark, on my personal account: I think Debra "slaat de plank mis", a Dutch verb which means she exagerates to much and goes wrong and looks rather ridiculous. I can remember photos of her where she looks elegant and sophisticated . That is no longer the case in my opinion…. What makes her chance her style so dramatically?

  • Are the glasses attached to the hat? I think that would be a great innovation. Love these ladies, thanks for posting.

  • Hmmmm, it doesn't look like paper towel so I have no idea. Knowing Debra it could be anything! I did like the comment that it was made of "awesome"!

  • Anonymous

    A saucepan lid?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the hat? I am swooning over that fabulous skirt!!!

  • Janet

    I think the hat is made from industrial felt

  • I'm sharing the opinions above that Debra's hat is made of awesome, which describes her in every way!