Purely Patricia Fox

“I’m a colorful person living in a beige world.”- Patricia Fox
  • Anonymous

    Patricia is dressed so South American, I almost want to dance the Samba with her. She's so pretty in that outfit, and that yellow hat is so delicious. Not to mention her adorable dog. Great photo shoot with a style icon.

  • Anonymous

    Her dog is adorable also even though beige!

  • Amazing!!

  • I've only recently discovered Patricia through Instagram and her outfits are magical(and her dog is adorable).

  • BRAVO….Oh….I just LOVE her style….MORE, please

  • That's a very brave, confident woman to wear a midriff-skimming top. AND she looks FABULOUS!!! Kudos!

  • Well, the world isn't beige. The world is wonderfully coloured! But so is Patricia. I love her festive and fruity style.

  • goals, goals, literally my goals to live and dress how I feel with the cutest pooch in the world


  • Such a very adorable styles.

  • O, what a beautiful dame!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the hat with your outfit!! Perfect!

  • Awesome!!

  • Brava, Patricia!!!

  • That's a beautiful latino look. I wonder, Spanish or Mexican? I never knew the differences between these two, if any.

  • Are amazing! very elegant like a picture

  • Patricia is truly an artist!

  • Colorful indeed.

  • Magnificent, romantic and fun. Bravo!

    Accidental Icon

  • Thanks for the photos, Ari! It was fun and inspiring working with you- you've captured my attention and my image. ~Purely Patricia

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous fashionable female!!!! Now that's a woman with style and confidence! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I love this woman! Elegant, colorful, confident and what a beauty! I want more!

  • I met Patricia this weekend, and she's amazing! Her style caught my eye, but it's her spirit that captured my heart.