A Mission to Fight Ageism

“At a certain point you become a number instead of a name. Everyone treats you like you are already gone. I’m about to turn 90 and I’m on a mission to fight ageism.” Bob Miller

  • Go Bob!!

  • You are so adorable and such an inspiration!

  • Yes, it's insane. I even get ageism from people who should know better(?) i.e. they're in their 40's, 50's. Perhaps it's a case of 'sour grapes.' I too am on this mission. I do love your camo Mr. Miller and I'm currently seeking out the grey 'city' camo for my campaign. Blessings and strength to you from Australia 🙂

  • P.S. I think you look gorgeous. Great style and very handsome.

  • Bob, you've got great style! Good luck on your mission.

  • Anonymous

    Such fatuous comments!