Accidentally Iconic

Check out Lyn’s wonderful blog, The Accidental Icon HERE.
  • Super cool 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thank you as always for introduction to great things. I have since bookmarked her blog on a previous mention/photo of her…love her look, smarts, and grace. An inspiration!

    Lindsey via Vegas

  • I've been to your blog before and just finished watching your documentary. I was always impressed and loved the ladies but right now, going through a very life changing time, it's incredibly moving for me. These women give me hope. I'm proud to now be counted among their numbers at fifty years old. I can only hope for a sliver of their grace, poise, style and confidence. Always having been a person of her own style when younger, I lost that spark. Going through this major life shift and loss I am left not knowing who I am anymore and wondering what is left to look forward to and for how long. Thank you for showing us that life does not end at 40 and the Baba Yaga can be as sensual, vibrant, relevant and beautiful as the Maiden. I embrace my Baba Yaga today. I want to be both wise and beautiful.

  • c.j.zep

    Hello, i must first say you look wonderful, im also on this journey of ageism.I've never heard of it like this before, but it sounds great! how do i go about posting some pictures of myself? I simply love all the pictures of everyone..

  • Saturna De Las Galaxias

    What is it about black? I love the look, I’m so inspired!