Dressing Up To Walk The Dog

When I saw this woman walking on the Upper West Side I was reminded of what my grandmother used to tell me. Everyday she would get up, comb her hair, put on some lipstick and tell us,” You must always greet the world by looking your best. You never know who you will run into while walking the dog or fetching the mail.”

  • Oh my I just got a dog and this woman is raising the bar! Better do some shopping for outfits specifically for this task.

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  • Quand j'étais étudiante, ma tante Simone me disait exactement la même chose et du coup je n'osais pas ouvrir au facteur tant que je n'étais pas maquillée..
    Super !Comme ça on se retrouve jolie et pomponnée même pour sortir le chien !

  • I'm always here enjoying your wonderful photographs. The video of Debra Thrift shopping leads me to ask, do you go to The American Cancer Society Discovery Shop? They are fifty years old this year, and you can find them up and down the whole of the west coast.

  • I definitely need to adopt this philosophy, she looks stunning


  • Great Look!!! Keeping it Stylish with Faithful Friend/Doggie. Smile.
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    This lady and her dog are equally adorable. She wears her classic beauty and her great style well, and you know, she's a great pet mommy. Just love the texture and elegance of that sweater coat, and that hat is an "A+". Lovely.

  • exactly!! my mother told me the same words: you cannot know who you will meet on your street,so when you go outside you must be perfect! but sometimes it so hard..