Prime Time: MoMA’s Older Adult Program Initiative Launches This Saturday

Ever since my mom gave me my first Claude Monet book, I have been obsessed with going to museums. I have always loved getting lost in the galleries, people watching and meditating upon an inspired work. When The Museum of Modern Art asked me to help launch Prime Time, their brand new programming and outreach initiative aimed to engage older New Yorkers at the Museum, in the community, and online, I was absolutely thrilled. To kick off the initiative, MoMA is offering all visitors ages 65 and up free admission on Saturday, May 9, from 10:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.
The day will also feature free gallery talks, entertainment and art making workshops, including a jewelry making workshop led by Debra Rapoport and a live figure drawing session featuring Joyce Carpati, Lana Turner, Debra and Carol Markel. The museum is also offering NYC residents 65 and up 50% off admission and $25 off new annual memberships for the the month of May!

The ladies are planning their outfits as we speak, so grab all your friends 65 and up and head to MoMA on Saturday for an inspiring day of creative activities.
For more information on Prime Time CLICK HERE.
  • WOW, what a great initiative !
    I bet you'll be able to photograph even MORE stylish dames there.

  • As a 65+ I am loving this. Saw the film and felt so inspired!

  • this is actually the perfect photo shoot- such a shame MoMa won't focus on exhibiting art MADE by women but this is a step in the right direction

  • Anonymous

    Watching the documentary now. Thank you!!! I feel like I have been given permission to be stylish again! I miss that part of me. I have felt that I do not deserve to dress as fashionably as I used to because being on the shady side of 50 is not considered desirable in our culture. Not for a woman. I am inspired to be who I can be again regardless of my age.

  • This is a lovely idea, and it's great that you've convinced MOMA to do it. I regret that I'll be working this weekend. Yes, it is true. Some advanced styled folks do still hold on to a job.

    However, as a MOMA member and an artist, I look forward to my next museum visit, and would be interested to learn more about this collaboration.

    Don't know if you've ever visited my site, Ari, but perhaps you might enjoy a stop there. We saw much of the same views at the Easter Parade.

    Best wishes.

  • ih

    thanks for sharing..

  • Love the photos, and the concept! You're the perfect person to help launch this.

  • Don't lose your art <3

  • Lovely!, great!, awesome!!. Thanks a lot for sharing. Always a marvellous inspiration!

  • This is very exciting! The photos are incredible and the outfits sublime!

  • What a wonderful idea. fantastic outfits from some of our favourite fashionistas.

  • Divine!!!