Walking on The Upper West Side

  • This is very New York and very comforting.

    I'm their age and live in San Diego – and would never look this formal. It's leggings and tennies by the beach out here. The future is casual.

    And I LOVE this image for everything it says about our worlds.

    Thank you.

  • That is going to be me and my sweet "honey-man" in a few years. LOL


  • This is absolutely adorable. Great post.


  • Anonymous

    Will you still xxxx me..
    Will you still xxxx me
    When I'm ….

    Young love is very sensual,
    very alluring, very exciting…
    But this is where you wind up with
    any luck. And to do it in NYC, truly,
    how cool is that!

    I love this photo, Ari.