A Summer Hat

Magda in one of her incredible handmade tubular head wraps.
  • Anonymous

    Love the head wrap, but you'd get heat stroke wearing it in So Ca right now. It looks divine on her. Very creative and well done.I'd wear it in fall, and go w/ a brown and white outfit, but that's just me.

  • She looks amazing !

  • Anonymous

    I love this woman: unique, inspiring, organic and so much more!
    Ari, you have to check out Michele Lamy, if you haven’t already.

  • Love love advance style!!!!!! Would love to meet these amazing women! Gayle

  • These women are amazing!!!! Would love to meet them someday!! Enjoyed the movie need to get the book. Gayle Minneapolis

  • Love these amazing women!!!! Would love to meet someday soon.!!! Enjoyed the movie, need to get the book!!! Gayle Minneapolis