In Memory of Lynn Dell, The Countess of Glamour

I moved to New York City in 2008, after my beloved grandmother Bluma passed away. She had always told me to move to New York if I wanted to be creative. I had no idea what to expect and had no plans for my future, but I knew that if I trusted in my grandmother’s guidance everything would fall into place.

I started to walk the streets looking for inspiration. I was immediately  drawn to a vibrant and creative community of older men and women. One day I borrowed my roommate’s camera and Advanced Style was born.

A few months into the project I was walking past Bryant Park when I noticed the most glamorous woman coming towards me. As a little boy, I used to draw pictures of my grandmother and her friends all dressed up in over the top get ups. Wrapped in an emerald green cape, matching turban and armloads of bangles was one of my drawings come to life. I was awe struck by the image of this 77-year-old Countess of Glamour making her way through the city with such force and pizzazz. I took her photo, she told me about her shop, and that was that.
Almost a year later I was walking past 72nd street when I noticed the most magnificent window display belonging to a store called Off Broadway Boutique. I had to take a look at what treasures lay inside. I was immediately greeted by the sounds of Barbara Streisand blaring from the speakers above. A voice echoed theatrically, “Welcome to Off Broadway.” I immediately recognized the shop’s owner as Lynn Dell, The Countess of Glamour that I had met a year before.

We became fast friends and Off Broadway became a second home to me and Lynn Dell another grandmother. She invited me over for the holidays and treated me like one of the family. Being with Lynn made every experience seem more grand. Her love of life was contagious and she inspired everyone around her with her incredible life force. We had many great adventures together, from hat parties and broadway shows, to television appearances, and last year’s premiere of Advanced Style.
Our Countess was larger than life, always glamorous, never unnoticed and eternally optimistic.

Lynn, I will remember, celebrate and love you forever!

My love goes out to Lynn’s wonderful husband Sandy, her children and grandchildren. Heaven just got a little more glamorous. 

  • Oh no, this is sad news.

  • I am sorry to hear this sad news, Ari. I met Lynn very briefly at the Advanced Style premiere in London last year and was immediately taken by this joyful, inspirational woman. She was a true star, in every sense of the word.

  • She was fabulous. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of the world.

  • I'm very sad to learn about the passing of Lynn Dell. She was a true inspiration and will be missed by us all. Thank you for introducing us to her Ari. I wish you and all who knew her lots of strength.

  • Ari, deep condolences to you! Clearly Lynn was a very special person in your life. We all thank you for sharing her inspiring vibrancy with us over the years.

  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear that… You're right, Ari "Heaven just got a little more glamorous". God bless her family.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could go to ur exhibition in Kobe as I am originally from there but now live in Tokyo. I saw ur documentary just today! Sorry about Lynn- she was full of life and sorry to hear she's gone. RIP, Lynn.
    I aspire to live and be like them as I grow older. Thanks Ari. Makiko

  • I wish I could go to ur exhibition in Kobe as I am originally from there but now live in Tokyo. I saw ur documentary just today! Sorry about Lynn- she was full of life and sorry to hear she's gone. RIP, Lynn.
    I aspire to live and be like them as I grow older. Thanks Ari. Makiko

  • I wish I could go to ur exhibition in Kobe as I am originally from there but now live in Tokyo. I saw ur documentary just today! Sorry about Lynn- she was full of life and sorry to hear she's gone. RIP, Lynn.
    I aspire to live and be like them as I grow older. Thanks Ari.

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to Ms. Dell's family and loved ones. Thank you Ari for introducing us to her and celebrating her life and style. Heaven just got a most fabulous angel!

  • So sorry to hear this, Ari. What a fabulous spirit she was, and what a lesson for all of us to live life like today is all there is, to treasure every – wonderful – day!

  • Sad news. Thank you for sharing her with the world.

  • Ann Wieland

    So sad to hear of Lynn's passing. She was such a lovely lady, and she will be missed. We are richer for having known her, even in pictures only.

  • Anonymous

    I am just heartbroken. Lynn was one of a kind, a rare gem. Her family and friends were fortunate to share their lifetime with her. She changed our lives, just knowing her philosophy of life. I am so sad. Sandy and family – she lived her "dash" well. XOXOXOX to you all.
    Ari- This must have been an announcement of tears.XOXOXOX to you.

  • Anonymous

    I never had the opertunity to meet Lynn Dell, but am one of the millions of people that have been forever imprinted on by her amazing style. Lynn Dell will truly be missed by all who came to know of her thru Ari. Wishing for strength, support and much love for her family.

  • My heartfelt sympathy to you and her family – she was a force to be reckoned with, and if there's an afterlife, she'll be inspiring everyone to up their style game in heaven.

  • loved her style so much! You made her eternal through your wonderful pictures.Thank's for sharing this wonderful woman with us! A big lost but as you say – heaven is brigther now . Warmest thoughts to all her familly and friends.

  • Holding you and her family in my heart, Ari. I always enjoyed your posts of her latest outfit. She inspires me to step out of my box and live a bit more.

  • Patrice Donofrio

    So sad to hear of Lynn's passing..her beauty, vibrancy and zest for life was infectious…thanks to you Ari the world had seen a bit of her deliciousness, her glamour, her truth. May her family, friends and you be comforted in happy memories of this joyful beautiful woman…

    I am SO SORRY you and her family and all of us out here in ADMIRATION LAND will MISS her VIBRANT JOY for Life and COLOR!!!I watched your video and she reminds me of myself……………a bit.I too ONLY purchased items for my Vintage shop that I LOVED and could come home with me!I too am having FUN the more older I become.
    A Beautiful tribute…………

  • Hello Ari. Her video tells who she is. She will be missed. Beautiful caring woman and of course your friend Ari. My condolences in the loss of your beautiful friend. Sending you hugs and best wishes. Thank you for sharing Lynn and her awesome ways with us.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, Ari.

  • Oh, I will miss her! I loved everything about her and her most contagious joie di vivre!

  • The second picture – the best! 🙂

  • So sorry to hear this news…I really thought she had many years ahead…I love her style and attitude…I will do my best to carry on…dressing for the theater of my life…see you one day

  • She put the fab in fabulous. What a wonderful woman. RIP

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I always enjoyed her style and love of life. Maryann

  • CarolL

    I am so sorry and saddened to hear this. Like all the other Advanced Style women, Lynn Dell Cohen inspired thousands of women to be themselves, to enjoy life, to express themselves, to live life to the fullest. Not a bad legacy, I'd say.

  • A beautifully written tribute for a woman who inspired us to be more of who we are by how she lived her vibrant life every day. She was a gift to many across the world and remains in our hearts today and always.

  • suzi click

    Lynn was a true style icon and lived life to the fullest. I met her when I showed my designs at Atelier in NYC and always loved seeing her there. She really filled up a room with style. I was very happy that she often bought and sold my designs in her boutique. She will be missed but thanks to you dear Ari the whole world was able to know her a little

  • Jan

    My condolences to you and all who knew her. R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    On another blog, I read, our dear Lynn had a horrible fall, and it left her with brain damage, and that she passed away peacefully.
    I am in shock. Lynn is someone I quoted almost everyday (giving her credit of course). Lynn was so full of life, so grounded in her positive outlook,that woman was amazing! She knew how to love. She will live in our hearts and minds. More than a fabulous dresser and stylist, she was a mensch.

  • Anonymous

    Ari- I took the liberty to give Lynn's fans this write-up of Lynn Dell Cohen's tragic accident, and your blog announcement woven in. You were one lucky man to have met such a remarkable human. But then again, you deserve it. (Tears of sadness, we're all a cyber community/family).

  • Anonymous

    This is really sad news, I met Lynn briefly at the premiere in New York. She was such an inspiration and will forever have this positive impact on me.

  • Strength and love to you Ari, and all of Lynn Dell's family and friends.

  • Heaven sure did…Ari, I sense that you both enriched each of your wondrous that we got to "meet" her through your imagination! Vale…

  • so sorry to hear of her passing, condolences to you Ari as well as Lynn's family- and thank you for posting something so personal as well

  • So sad, what a beautiful loss.

  • Thank you for the lovely tribute. She was always my favorite Advance Styler. You are so right when you say "Heaven just got more glamourous!" Thank you Ari!

  • Anonymous

    I am still dealing with the loss of our dear, Lynn. Is there an address to send Sandy & family a card? Maybe a P O Box would give them privacy, yet help us express our love and thoughts.

  • Condolences to her family and all those who were blessed with her friendship and acquaintance. Loved her big beautiful personality.

  • Anonymous

    Lynn Dell's Top Ten Style Tips
    1. "We must dress everyday for the theatre of our lives."
    2. "You must have a smile, you never get a second chance to make a first impression."
    3. "My philosophy is fashion says 'me too,' while style says 'only me.'"
    4. "It's not what you are wearing, It's how you put it together."
    5. "Dress for yourself. If you are happy, you will make the world happy."
    6. "Accessories are the most important thing. You can wear the same thing many times by adding different jewelry, scarves or a hat."
    7. "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative."
    8. "Your attitude is your altitude."
    9. "When you walk into a room with a hat, you own the room."
    10. "I like strong colors and I like strong people. All colors work if the intensity is strong enough."

    Lynn- You will always be with me. You live in my head every morning, when I am dressing, and greeting my day. You were one of kind. You had the best philosophy of life.
    Laura (So Ca)

  • Anonymous

    That list is in the dressing room closet, in my home.

    Ari, THANK YOU for making aging, a little less scary. And to all the Advanced Style Ladies who were gracious enough to become part of Ari's vision, you're all terrific. Lina, so are you. You're an integral part of AS.

  • Libby.

    This is such sad news. I am thankful to Lynn for being an inspiration.Your blog made me think of her as someone I knew well. I will really really miss her.

  • Ruth Bassini

    I was lucky enough to have been Lynn's assistant from 1977 to 1984.She was the most fun to be with and while we were at market we would stop for lunch and she always ordered me a tuna melt! We did many fashion shows, twice a week at "Tavern on the Green", the Grand Hyatt and many others. Thank you, Lynn, you my inspiration!
    With all my love, Ruth

  • Anonymous

    What a fortunate lady you are, for having spent time with Lynn. I'm happy for you, and at the same time, a little "green". Lynn, wasn't just senior eye candy in style, she seemed like a remarkable lady. I so enjoyed what she had to say. What a very fortunate family they truly are. (including Ari)

  • Anonymous

    I hope Ari will forgive my post of a link to another Blog, but I found Lynn's Off Broadway Boutique Memorial, full of great pictures. Ari included in one.

  • Anonymous

    She is gone but will never be forgotten, her style will be admired to the end of time!