I met Connie at a recent screening of Advanced Style at the  Newbridge on the Charles campus of  Hebrew Senior Life. Debra Rapoport and I gave a talk at Newbridge over two years and I was thrilled to be invited back again to speak about the film at this wonderful senior living community

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    She is darling and radiates joy! I love how she matches her cute walker and turns it into a fashion accessory!

  • Style & grace!

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    Connie wears plaid well, and boy, has she stayed in great shape. Connie, you are a kidult (kid-adult). Love your arms showing. Breaking some "rules", and proud to do it.

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    This lady looks so happy and chic.

  • She is wonderful, she absolutely glows.

  • She looks vibrant, healthy, joyous and gorgeous. Great capture Ari.

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  • Hi Ari,
    I have followed your blog about a year now, I am a lurker who sometimes comments.
    I finally watched your documentary last night and I had to stop by and say how much I loved it.
    It is a marvellous tribute and a testimonial of joy and fulfilment and dreams.
    I can relate to this in so may ways, growing up with my grandmother as a role model and loving being around my great aunts in their 80+90s – there is just so much to learn there and like you say, these are sometimes ignored.
    Thank you for giving us something to look forward to 🙂
    And If you're ever in Albuquerque, NM – I have a great aunt in her 90's who is as stylish as they come.