Gustavo Carfi Vintage

I met Gustavo outside his wonderful little vintage shop in Buenos Aires. After taking his photo he invited me into his shop full of handmade necklaces, antique dresses, and over the top costume items. Gustavo dresses with pizazz everyday often composing outfits from his treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories. If you are in Buenos Aires make sure and swing by Gustavo Carfi Vintage, Quinta Agenda, Av. Santa Fe 1270.

  • Oh WOW !
    I met Gustavo in his store two years back while in a business trip in Argentina.
    He was amazing and helped me pick out a beautiful pink vintage shirt I still own.
    If you are in Argentina, you will come across some very, very well dressed men and women.

  • This man has Pizazz!!

  • I may have to make a special trip!