Introducing Roberta Haze

  • Anonymous

    Roberta certainly lives life as she sees it. I love animal prints as well. Roberta certainly isn't pigeonholed as a senior, this lady has chutzpah to be young at heart. Different flavors of individuality, is why I love AS.

  • Anonymous

    Ouu, grrl; I like you attitude!(And your cuffs.)

    hmmm – maybe I SHOULD have bought that hip hop cap for my 56 year old head.

  • Hellloooo Roberta!

  • Great update of the little old blue-haired lady in tennis shoes!

  • She is winning at life in that outfit!!! Love!!!!

  • She's a BEAUTY! Totally inspirational!

  • Love the hair , love the look , wonderful

  • Anonymous

    Yes, so cool…I'm inspired by your ageless abundance!