Summer in Venice Beach

  • Absolutelly glorious.
    I see my parasol is catching up.
    Tons of love

  • Anonymous

    Venice Beach, So California? Not some place I like to go. Living on hype,for sure. But I do appreciate this lady and her quirky sense of style. (I live in So Ca., having grown up here.)

  • Anonymous

    parasol – I have a beauty. Los Angeles Chinatown $5- what a find. Mine is light pink. Mis Papelicos, aren't parasols great!

  • I love Venice!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What an absolutely amazing layering of pattern and texture. Simply gorgeous!

  • This lady's style is very much like the sort of ensemble I might put together if I'm going out for a stroll downtown – I love inventive, eclectic dressing best of all! Viva la adventure! 🙂