• I wish you could tell us a bit about the women you're featuring. I love that grey outfit!

  • I love everything about this! The woman, the hat, the suit, the pose, and the background. And the colors!

  • Anonymous


  • I agree with the previous poster. A few words about your wonderful subjects would be nice.

  • What a fantastic picture. Is that a leather skirt?

  • Anonymous

    What Phoebes in Santa Fe said x2. I'd love to know more about the women, what they where, why you chose them on this particular day …

  • Anonymous

    I saw this photo and thought of a James Bond Beauty, only in the 50+ category. I'm no fan of gray, but this lovely lady pulls it off beautifully. What a great presentation. I like this gal, without even meeting her.

  • this blog has made me so inspired to wear more hats

  • Love her cool attitude!

  • Hello Cohen! My name is Nivea Oliveira, I'm writer. I would like ask you if is possibile do the same work in Brazil, in the future. I think if we try create news picture of women from another culture is a big experience. We can do a book of differencies. Think about this!
    Congratulations! Have a nice week end!

    Nivea Oliveira –

  • CarolL

    You know, I love all the women you photograph and portray on your blog, but I have to say, Chuchi stopped me in my tracks. I think it's the simplicity of her clothes, her attitude, the hat, of course, and her lack of jewelry or other adornments–yet she still projects such style, elegance, and grace. I don't know what it is about this woman, but she represents the look I strive for every day.

  • Wonderful!

  • Love the monochrome…and that hat!