My gorgeous 62-year-old friend Claudia is my new fitness inspiration. 
  • Ah yes…..Claudia most definitely works out…..good job!

  • I want to look like that!

  • Mine too.

  • she is stunnning. loooooove your blog always!

  • Can anyone help me locate the photo of an African-American woman on a NYC street dressed in a patterned tent dress of -if I recall correctly – predominantly greens? She is wearing a necklace of large beads – possibly acrylic – of various colors. Absolutely stunning. Now that I've taken up beading, I want to see if I can duplicate her necklace. I believe the title of the photo was the smiling woman's name. I've had no luck looking through names in the log.

  • Joanna

    Friday 5th of June, Maureen??

  • Anonymous

    YAAAAASSS SHE LOOKS AMAZING!! Such an inspiration for me to get myself into the gym–there's no excuse!