Elsa Martinelli

  • Equatorial Eclectic

    The "glamorous mature couple" made the young people in the background look frumpy! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    She is precious and so is he. What a fabulous couple in the nautical and elegant outfits. They two deserve magazine cover credentials. Love this, Ari.

  • I'm going shopping with my husband tomorrow! Envy!

  • I'm taking my husband shopping tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Is she the movie star of yesteryear? Still fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    I believe she is the actress that stared with Kirk Douglas in a movie, when Kirk was young and handsome. If she is that once equally beautiful leading lady, she has faired well, or had a great Plastic Surgeon. Either way, born in 1935, and still looking glamorous takes work and discipline, And her companion (hubbY?) looks terrific as well.

  • nothing is impossible..really advanced

  • Anonymous

    "faired" s/b she has "fared" well- I stand corrected