On the Street

I never know what kind of photograph I am going to get when I’m shooting on the street. So much is dependent on the moment, my subject’s mood, how I approach them, and how much they trust me. I have to establish a level of comfort within the first few seconds of asking someone to take their picture. When I first approached the woman above she was very shy, but as soon as we started to speak I could see her start to open up. I commented on her gloves and told her that I had always loved looking through my grandmother’s drawers and seeing her wonderful pairs lined up in a row. I explained a little bit about my project and she said that she would be happy to pose for a photo. Our entire interaction lasted under five minutes, but I really feel like I captured the spirit of this incredibly gracious and elegant woman.

  • Ari, this is absolutely one of my fave photos. You did such a good job putting her at ease that she looks like a professional model on a shoot. Live your work.
    Kay, a Seattle fan

  • I love that you are added some comments to your wonderful photos. Keep up the amazing work.


  • I love looking at these women and celebrating their style (and getting some ideas). BUT, the dearth of minority representation makes me wonder where you photograph these women. Photographers have been photographing Harlemites for decades….chronicling their style…some of the most stylish older women on the planet.

    Something to think about.

  • On the Street Where?

  • Her smile is so charming and adorable – if you managed to get that from her in 5 minutes, you are very gifted!

  • Yes, what Janice said! She looks quite charming, and I love, love, love that dress!