Valerie Von Sobel

To describe the myriad dazzling facets of Valerie Von Sobel in just a few short words would be incredibly unjust. She is not only a woman with a radiant spirit, but also an artist, interior designer, style icon, and actress. She is a true testament to the power of resilience. After enduring the loss of her son, mother and husband within the same year she has dedicated herself to a life full of compassion and artistic expression. Check out the wonderful work that she does with her foundation HERE and more about her art HERE.

  • Chic and quirky, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    I love it all, but the belt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need that belt

  • She's very beautiful. I wish I could rock the head scarf like that!
    Suzy x

  • An incredible blog!!! Love it!

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    Thank you so much!

  • Perfect and great!

  • Anonymous

    Love this gal's style and vision. Never heard of this gal, but my due diligence lead me to her website. Wow, she is a remarkable artist, and most impressive, is her philanthropy to help sick children and their families is commendable. This gal is truly a gal of beauty in multidimensional ways. She's a stunning dresser as well. So proud to meet her AS acquaintance.

  • Now that green fabric is Fabulous- in fact the whole outfit is drop dead gorgeous!
    Thanks for posting,

  • She sounds like an amazing woman. Clicking over to read.
    Thank you for all you do to support and promote older women Ari. You are a gem!

  • I came back to add. She's such a beautiful woman. Inside and out. Her mission is admirable.

  • Such perfect inspiration!

  • God, she is gorgeous!