Barbara and Wayne Chapman

I met artists, Barbara and Wayne Chapman, at a party at Suzi Click’s house a few months ago, and was instantly inspired by their creative spirits. For more on this gorgeous couple check out a recent post from Suzi and Gretchen Schields blog HERE.

  • Omigosh! I've been to her house! Well, her old house. She used to have an open house during the holidays and their house was a treasure trove of stimuli. My favorite part was the garden with all the water features and exotic plants. Next were Wayne's ceramics – especially the punchbowl with the clay eyeballs at the bottom! Anyway, I always admired how they were so willing to share their home with complete strangers. And yes, they are both super stylish!

  • Equatorial Eclectic

    Very attractive couple, they look like newlyweds! Is Advance Style couples next on the agenda?