Phyllis Sues

I had the privilege of visiting 92-year-old dancer, yogi, designer, and writer, Phyllis Sues, at her L.A. home last week. Phyllis is one of the most vital and energetic people that I have ever met. She is constantly challenging herself to try new things, like trapeze at 80 and skydiving on at 90! Her next goal is to become anactress and write a memoir on her life. Phyllis inspires us all to keep moving, dreaming, and working hard to achieve our goals. For more on this incredibly inspiring woman check out her website HERE.

  • That is really inspiring! I wish I am still that active when I get to that age and just be doing all these cool, exciting stuff. Such an inspiration! Also it's fun to know what she has to share, a lifetime of experience cannot be bought. Thanks for sharing her blog!

  • amazing texture

  • Simply amazing! Such an endless inspiration!!
    With love from Russia
    Daria x

  • Anonymous

    I love this lady. What positive energy, and not afraid of Plastic Surgery. I'm next in 2016 or 17. Forget the age graciously cr*p.