Happy Thanksgiving

Valerie von Sobel http://andreriveroflife.org
Happy Thanksgiving from Advanced Style! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend with their friends and families in health and gratitude. 
  • I love Valerie's style, it is superb.

  • Awesome look!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Advanced Style!


  • I agree with getting older and aging, we all will age and get older but it is hurtful when all they want in life these days are young people. We all started out young in life is what people seem to really forget.
    I was so impressed to watch the documentary, it was touching and funny and classy, and it made the point. I had written a book when I was going through a health issue, and I thought I was going to die before I finished the book. It is dedicated to all the people in this life who truly loved their grandma, it was about a grandson who lost his grandma on his birthday, however the book is a comedy in a spunky good way, it is about family and how the grandson loved his grandma so much that on the day she passed he done something in her honor to keep her memory with him forever, he got a tattoo of her but it turned out to be NO ordinary tattoo–it was a tattoo that came to life, I wanted others to read it and think about their own relationship with their grandma. Anyway enough about that book, I love the documentary and those women were all beautiful. I watched it and loved it, and I plan on watching it again.